SUPERFOOD: Why we should eat pistachios?

receta con pistacohs

Pistachio has proven properties that benefit the nervous, circulatory and immune systems.

Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Kirghistan are countries that produce succulent food which is consumed frequently all over the world. Pistachios are the fruit of a plant with the same name, known as pistachio tree. Pistacia verais the scientific name, the trees from which they are born took 10 years to grow for a considerable production and its taste has an addictive touch between salty and sweet, which made this food for great Babylonian kings.

Pistachio has proven properties that benefit the nervous, circulatory and immune systems.

If you have never eaten it, keep reading the next article and after that go to your nearest shop and get a good amount to enjoy it as a tasty afternoon snack.


This delicious food is made up of 20% of proteins, a pretty significant percentage that has nothing to envy to meat proteins. Nevertheless, you have to remember that since it is a nut, you have to eat in smaller quantities. Furthermore, it provides 28% of carbohydrates, which are absorbed slowly, that is, they are metabolised gradually. Also, pistachios have fibre and 44.5% of vegetable fat, for this reason, it is recommended to eat them in smaller quantities in order not to contribute to heart diseases. However, its oleic content is good to strengthen the heart. Second, only to sesame, it is the food that most iron provides to a daily diet, being also an important potassium source. It is also an antioxidant that help to prevent coronary heart diseases and slow the onset of inflammatory processes.

Benefits of a complete food

Take care of your heart

Pistachios are rich in phytosterols and fats, two compounds that helps to prevent heart diseases, being the most common arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Furthermore, since it provides lutein, it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol.

Prevents anaemia

Since it is a food rich in iron, it has a very good reputation among patients suffering from anaemia. Also, it has copper, which facilitates the assimilation of the mineral contained in pistachios. Do not hesitate to accompany it with vitamin C for a better result.

Eye-protecting food

As previously mentioned, it has lutein and carotenes, two essential elements for eye health. It is associated with a lower incidence of cataracts and other diseases related to eye degeneration. It may prevent vision loss and improve during the night.

Obesity and diabetes

Diabetics should consume this food for a simple and valid reason: It is rich in fibre. This means that the pistachio helps to regulate the activity of intestinal transit. Also, it helps to control blood sugar. As it can regulate the glycaemic load of other items such as potatoes and bread, diabetics can turn to it without any problems for the sake of their health. On the other hand, people suffering from obesity can eat pistachios to control their appetite when they are in a slimming phase.

Good for sex

There is a belief in Syria that pistachios have aphrodisiac powers since it is a food “aromatic, that revitalize the stomach and excite” according to the Arab doctor Avicena. It contains zinc and arginine, two compounds related to male sexual performance and erections, it is believed that this is the basis for such belief.

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