World pistachio production falls 2021/22

receta pistachos luna

According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

World pistachio production could reach 828,557 tons in the current 2021/22 campaign, which would mean a 16% drop compared to that obtained in the previous campaign, when it reached 981,671 tons, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture of the United States (USDA).

pistachio tree ecoThe decline is due to lower production in Iran and Turkey , which cancels out a new increase in the United States. As a result of these lower availabilities, consumption, exchanges and final stock will fall this season.

The United States, the world’s leading producer, will obtain a record volume of 523,000 tons , 10% more than in the previous campaign thanks to a combination of better yields and an increase in the productive area. This production will allow it to increase its exports by 25%, to a record figure of 290,000 tons, which will go mainly to China and the European Union.

Iran , the world’s second largest producer, will collect 135,000 tons, 29% less due to the impact of frost. This will affect its exports, which will fall considerably. As for Turkey, it will register a 65% decrease in its production, down to 87,000 tons, due to low yields as a result of the alternation of this crop. Unlike Iran, which exports practically all of its production, Turkey allocates it almost entirely for domestic consumption, so this decrease will not have an impact on world trade.

The production of the European Union will increase to 23,000 tons (compared to just under 18,000 in the previous campaign) due to the increase in Spain and Italy. Despite this, its imports will grow 11%, to a record 135,000 tons, due to the increase in domestic demand (154,000 tons compared to 135,500 in 2020/21). The United States will be the first supplier of the community market.

China, the world’s leading importer, will acquire 140,000 tons on the world market to cover its demand. The figure is 10% lower than that of the previous campaign.


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